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January 2014

SAS Starts

In Jan 2014, the dynamic SAS Team decided to turn dreams into a reality, and SAS Student Accommodation Services was born.

February 2014

Without a second to spare, we wasted no time in beginning what was a sensitive renovation and restoration project of all Albert Terrace properties.

August 2014

We successfully completed the renovation of Albert Terrace Properties.

  • 48a Albert Terrace was transformed into a 1 bedroom apartment which we initially kept as an office, but later turned into a stylish apartment known as Polly’s Cottage.
  • 46a Albert Terrace was converted into a retro 3 bedroom cottage, now known as Rosie’s Cottage.
  • 48 Albert Terrace was converted into a 7 bed student house, now known as Helena House.
  • 46 Albert Terrace was transformed into a 13 bedroom student house, which we would later convert into 7 individual apartments and suites.
  • By Summer 2014, Albert Terrace was bustling with energy and activity as our first ever set of students moved in – the hard work paid off!

January 2016

After a successful two years and some super-positive feedback from students, we decided to set ourselves a new challenge.
We had our hearts set on transforming The Old Art Gallery into a selection of trendy apartments for students. We grabbed the opportunity with both hands and got to work straight away!

August 2016

After another speedy renovation process, The Gallery was complete… and it’s gorgeous!

  • The ground floor was converted into three on Ground Floor into three 5 bedroom ensuite apartments, and one cosy ensuite studio.
  • The first floor was converted into two 3 bedroom apartments, now known as The Mach Apartments and The Hockney Apartments.
  • The second floor was transformed into a stunning 4 bedroom Penthouse apartment, perfect for a bigger group of Uni friends!

September 2016

The Gallery finally had a new lease of life as it welcomed its first set of students. Our gorgeous new student accommodation was ready just in time for the commencement of a new academic year and ready for eager students flocking the nest!

Summer 2017

Due to high demand and a huge number of requests for single student accommodation, we converted a previous property of ours into what we now lovingly call The Terraces; a selection of stunning 1 and 2 bedroom studios and apartments, as well as a state-of-the-art 5 bedroom suite. It was full steam ahead for us to get The Terraces ready for the new term.

  • On the ground floor are three trendy 1 bedroom apartments and studios, known as The Bertie Suite, The Leo Pad & The Teddy Suite.
  • The first floor is home to a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment called the Alice Apartments.
  • Nestled within the first floor is also a cosy but spacious 1 bedroom apartment called The Pad.
  • On the second floor is a stunning and ultra-modern 5 bedroom suite called The Terrace Suite.

SAS believe that we are all special, creative individuals so we decided to get rid of the boring room numbers and inject our SAS personality into each and every room! Each room has its own character with unique features, so we thought: “why not give them distinctive apartment names with a hint of history and style?”

The properties on Albert Terrace are all named after royalty, and are certainly fit for a prince or princess! As accommodation in The Gallery is part of the Old Art Gallery, all of the apartments are named after famous, wacky, inspirational artists!

September 2017

Students arrive at their new home, full of hopes, dreams and aspirations!

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